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To all of our past and present customers, it is with a very heavy heart that my wife and I have decided to cease Springs Cooper Clinic operations as of 6/10/2019.

While we remain passionate about supporting the Colorado Springs Mini Cooper community, having to vacate our current location -- in what is now an extremely competitive and pricey real estate market -- has forced us to confront some very difficult realities. When we started this venture, I told everyone that would listen that we never did this work for the money, and that is why we attracted and served some really special customers -- from Customer #1 Joanie and her sunroof to our last customer Vinny and his super build. But what was supposed to be a fun, part time activity -- as we all hold full time jobs elsewhere -- has morphed into a venture that we just don't have the resources to comfortably support. Moreover, while we had some great meals together here at the shop -- in between working on cars -- I don't think any of us realized how much we were going to miss family dinners together at home. So despite the inevitable sadness that comes with shutting our doors, we are blessed that we have been given this opportunity to refocus our efforts on the health of our families.

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to thank our longest and best friends, Rick and Tina Behrman and their family. Without them and their amazing support -- and exceptionally talented Kyle jumping in along the way -- there would not have been a Springs Cooper Clinic.

Thank you all for trusting us with your Mini Cooper repairs.
Only Mini, All the Time

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About Us


Experienced Mechanics

The mechanics at our shop have over 60 years of combined experience between them.  I would not claim that we are experts on all things automotive, but we are excellent when it comes to most all Mini Cooper issues.  And if we don't have the answer, we have the resources to know where to find it -- to include our local BMW / Mini dealers.  Our Mini Cooper technicians have the hands-on experience to make sure you drive away satisfied, and our entire team is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality repairs to keep you safe, happy and confident on the road.


We Have You Covered

Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection, a scheduled service or a major repair, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  All of the work that we perform is backed by our 12 months/12,000 miles workmanship warranty.  If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the job that we have done, we will make it right.  Period.  Our strong reputation depends on it.


Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to new and returning customers.  Our shop uses only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific Mini Cooper parts -- unless you direct us otherwise.   Parts warranties, when available, will be provided by the manufacturers.   We want to ensure that your vehicle is always in tip top shape and ready to run when you are!

Why we are here


We Saw the Need in Colorado Springs

Only after buying several Mini Cooper for racing purposes did we realize that there is no shop local to Colorado Springs that specialized in just Mini Cooper Service and Repair.  And while there are many great automotive shops here in Colorado Springs that do excellent work, many of those shops are not as affordable or as responsive / convenient as they could be.  Who wants to wait several days to pay a premium price to get their car repaired.  Springs Cooper Clinic is working to change that.  


We Have the Technical Wherewithal

We have been in our current two bay shop for almost two years now.  We have a very talented young staff that is eager to demonstrate their skills and stretch themselves technically.  So in addition to the normal list of repairs and maintenance that all shops claim they can accomplish on your Mini Cooper, we take on the tough jobs that other shops can't or wont.  We do what we know -- we fix Mini Cooper and we build Mini Cooper race cars for the local track scene.  Only Mini, All The Time!  


We Can Do This Better -- and Do This Much More Affordably

Our shop does not need to stay busy 24/7 to be successful.  As such, I've suggested to our team that we take on just five vehicles per week to start.  We want to provide a level of customer service never before seen and at a price that leaves you smiling.  Most independent repair shops charge between $90 and $120 per hour and most dealerships charge between well over that -- up to $180 per hour and that is just too much!  Springs Cooper Clinic charges just $80 per hour.  As an independent shop, Springs Cooper Clinic does not have nearly the overhead of a traditional garage, allowing us to provide exceptionally personalized service at more than affordable prices.

Why we are different


We are the Priceline of Automotive Shops

We are a "Name-Your-Own-Price" shop for major repairs.  We operate under a system in which you -- the customer -- tell us what you want to pay for a particular major service or repair -- unlike the traditional way where sellers quote a certain price.  We move forward with the work only if we can come to an agreement on price.  I encourage all of my customers to bring me an estimate from another shop and I suspect that we will be able to get the work done as affordably AND more expeditiously than our competitors.


We Have No Problem Installing Parts You Purchase

We have all experienced the frustration of a shop that refuses to

install parts supplied by customers.  And while we understand some of their concerns, we are not going to be that shop.  If you bring us a part and ask us to install it for you, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.  Of course we can't always extend a warranty to customer furnished parts, but we will do so if at all possible.


We Are Going to Be There When You Need Us

Our shop and our staff is flexible.  We are a very low volume shop, and our goal is to keep our workload very manageable -- especially as racing season again approaches and our Saturdays are spent at the track!  I want to be available to our customers when other shops are not, and that is why we have evening and overnight hours.  The more notice that you are able to give us regarding the work that you need done, the more flexible that we can be when scheduling your appointment / repair.


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Colorado Springs Mini Cooper Clinic

3119A N. El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907, USA

(719) 660-8266


We are "By Appointment Only."  We don't have much of a customer lounge, but we do offer Keurig coffee and great service at exceptional prices.

Monday - Friday: 6pm - 9pm for same day service and maintenance.

For larger efforts, we ask you to drop off your car at 6pm and we will usually have it back to you by COB the following evening.

We also offer a Monday - Friday overnight service.  With 24 hours notice, you can drop off your car before 9pm and pick it up by 9am the next morning.


Saturday: Drop in Service  between 8am - 4pm (Limited Availability)

Sunday: By Appointment Only (Limited Availability)